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storia-concentrato-di-pomodoro-salsa Since 60 years the same recipe! The tomato paste was born in the '50s with the intent to spread the "Italian taste" in the territories of Africa and the Middle East.
The tradition wants the birth of tomato paste as the desire to preserve unaltered a very much alterable product such as tomato. The tomato paste is merely the extraction of the dry weight of fruit by means of evaporation of fluids.
A product that has an ancient history dating back to the early '900. On the banks of the Sarno river, basin Agro Nocerino-sarnese, farmers grow vegetables of exceptional quality, such as San Marzano tomatoes. Then with the arrival of Francesco Cirio began in the late nineteenth century, the business of processing and canning of fresh tomato and its derivatives, such as tomato paste and peeled tomatoes. Hence the proliferation of many canning factories including the one created by Federico D'Alessio and continued by his son Matteo and his grandson Frederico Maria. Years pass and in conjunction with the historical events of the twentieth century the commercial horizons widen. The production systems are still archaic even if the product retains its extraordinary delicacy.
The canning industry crisis, which affects between the '50s and '60s also "D'Alessio", stems from a lack of technological innovation and competition is fierce. In 1959, "D'Alessio" is reborn from its ashes with the name "Conserviera Meridionale" with advanced equipment and technical production. The specialty of this company will be the tomato paste. Business trips resumed in order to strengthen the economic relationships with African countries which were already successfully opened in the past and in order to explore new commercial markets. The populations of several African countries appreciated the tomato paste as a delicacy. To make difficult the penetration of tomato paste of Italian origin and quality are the same Italian producers who practice a policy of low prices, most often at the expenses of the same quality. In 1968 Federico Maria D'Alessio after the experience of Conserviera Meridionale, establish a new company of marketing and export of canning products namely the Centro Esportazioni Conservati Srl . This will be the start of a new business adventure that would happily continued in subsequent decades. Today, as then, the tomato paste Salsa brand is produced in Italian factories from Centro Esportazioni Conservati Srl and has over time become a leader in the African markets.

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