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Made in Italy is the most affected by imitations, especially those foods. A phenomenon which adversely affects the entire Italian economy. Among the fakes also our Salsa tomato paste.
But beware of imitations!
Counterfeit products, though cheaper, are usually made by completely ignoring all the rules to protect health and safety of consumers, often by using low-cost labor. All seriously endangering the consumer.
A tin of fake tomato paste SALSA was exhibited at the Museum of Counterfeit Food Palazzo Rospigliosi in Rome. An article about this appeared on the insert No. 1155 "Venerdi " in the newspaper La Repubblica. The content of "false" is very different, being the product, as evidenced by the analysis, present only in traces or composed by colorants that give the typical red colour of tomato paste. Our tomato paste Salsa is an ORIGINAL italian product, made with natural ingredients and available only from authorized retailers.

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